Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Threats Continue at Radio Victoria: Please Show Your Solidarity!

"Since the early 1990s, Radio Victoria has provided a voice for the residents of the northern hills of El Salvador. Founded in the aftermath of the nation's bloody civil war, today Radio Victoria transmits daily local and international news and other programs to communities so poor they often lack telephone and mail services.

The journalists who run the station are mostly 16 to 24 year-olds who grew up in Honduran refugee camps and returned to the area with their families as the civil war raged around them.

And now, someone wants them dead."

Threats to members of the Radio Victoria continue:
1) "extermination > look oscar we aren't kidding shut up this radio or you also die you dog”
1) "extermination > look pablo we are watching you better than your police we are close to you where you go the cameras in the radio will not save anyone get out or what" 
1) " exrerminio > griga (exterminio > gringa???) today yes we have to act with the people in your radio now it is too much manuel pablo oscar and maricela are to be assassinated you should leave... "

PLEASE support the radio by sending your messages of support—emails in Spanish and especially voice recordings they can play on the radio.  The authorities and people responsible need to continue to hear that the international community is paying attention and in solidarity with the Radio.  As Cristina Starr at the Radio says: “We are only little people and we keep getting these nasty things and it scares us and upsets us and wears us down psychologically, so all forms of support are helpful, we are together here, we are in touch with each other, supporting each other and we feel all your support surrounding us too.”

You can also sign the petition: Investigate Death Threats against El Salvador Journalists.

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