Monday, May 9, 2011

ACTION ALERT! Support Radio Victoria


Action Alert! Support Radio Victoria

On May 3rd, World Press Freedom Day, Radio Victoria in Cabañas, once again denounced death threats against their workers.

During the early hours of Saturday April 30th a note was slipped under Radio Victoria´s front entrance naming 3 workers  and threatening their lives if they did not leave the Radio by Wednesday May 4th.

On May 2nd during the evening 2 radio journalists received text messages on their cell phones threatening them in different ways including saying that one of the workers´ 3 year old daughter would be the one to pay if they did not change the tone of the radio.

On May 4th, new threats were sent to two of the radio workers. Radio Victoria needs your help and solidarity.  Here is who you can contact to ask for an exhaustive investigation, for results of the investigations, for full protection for ALL workers at Radio Victoria, for guarantees of freedom of the press y freedom of expression, for democratic and independent media and whatever else you want to say.


Send an email to the Attorney General Romeo Barahona to demand a full investigation and protection for our workers.  The Attorney General of the Republic is the only one who can decide what gets investigated and he is not taking us seriously.  Please send an email to his assistant at:

If you speak Spanish, you could also call Salvadoran Attorney General Romeo Barahona at 011-503-2260-6350 and make your voice heard.

Send an email to David Morales, Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Relations to demand specialized police protection for those being threatened:


Lois Vasquez said...

I sent my emails. I know several of these people personally, including the 3 year old. Please support them.

SHARE Foundation said...

Thank you Lois!!!