Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Great 2010 Delegation Quotes!

Churchwomen Delegation
"The delegation experience challenges me to an even greater commitment to the advocacy education work I do.  I'm greatly encouraged by the efforts of SHARE with women's empowerment and leadership for young women.  This is absolutely necessary for peace in our world."

"I appreciated SHARE not spoon feeding data to us, but rather letting individuals learn from the conversations, the travel, and reflections shared."

"Once again my eyes and heart have been opened to the suffering that has been felt by the Salvadorans.  Once again I am impressed with their hope and energy.  I was very touched by the stark poverty of Llano Grande, but once again was moved by their hope."

Cretin Derham Hall
“I learned a lot in El Salvador and a lot about myself. I wish I could put it into words, but there are no words powerful enough to explain everything.”

"I learned that as a U.S. citizen, we have an impact on the countries of the world. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves so we can use our knowledge to help the world."

“Through this experience, I've been shown that the world has many issues and you can never be done learning about and questioning them. That is the only way to find solutions.”

I have learned more about the history and current political and economic structure existing in El Salvador. I learned more about the interconnection between El Salvador, the U.S., and other countries. I learned a simple way of life can be an effective and happy way of life. One of the most important lessons I learned is knowledge is power and one of the most important ways to help the poor and vulnerable. I also learned a lot about CAFTA"

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
 “I learned so much: the history of El Salvador, the current issues that are affecting the country, more of the Spanish language, and what it really means to be a community.”

“I think the advocacy was well done – because otherwise the delegation would just be a “show and tell” without allowing groups to take back what they've learned and carry out their sistering relationship.”

“Learned of the challenge many people face in their everyday lives. The things we take for granted can not be afforded, like a high school education, clean water, food, medicine.”

“New perspective on faith and what it means to be a Catholic as described by Father Rutilio Grande and Mons. Romero.”

Eastern Michigan University
“I've learned the truth about the issues here. About CAFTA, mining, immigration, human rights, corruption, impunity, ARENA, FMLN, health, public and private health care, and poverty. I also learned about hope and overcoming all odds. I learned that the USA isn't perfect and that their “aid” often does more harm than good. I learned that the current situation isn't working and things need to change. I've learned about issues that I didn't even know existed. I think SHARE teaching about advocacy is awesome. At the very least I plan on telling everyone who will listen about the truth in El Salvador and of the world.”

“I have learned about the impact of poverty, human rights, and health in El Salvador. Being in the rural community helped me learn the importance of sharing with people and living in solidarity. I have learned the importance of good energy, hard work, struggles, perserverance, and hope. I also learned about the economy and the impact the civil war has on people today. My perspective of the world has changed dramatically. I am more critical of U.S. Foreign policy. I believe in sharing with people and creating a community.  I plan on advocating for social justice back at home by creating a sense of awareness about issues in El Salvador and educating myself.”

“I've learned to appreciate the world and people around me more frequently. Also, I've learned to try and keep myself centered in what I want in life. I feel a lot more solidarity with Salvadorans and other Centra Americans after participating in this trip. SHARE does a great job incorporating advocacy issues.”

Georgetown University:
“...Coming out of the trip I feel incredibly enriched. I've grown so much in this past week.”

“I learned that choices I make in the US affect people abroad and I saw that first hand.”

“I want to make my life less materialistic and spread the story about the real El Salvador to my friends and classmates and continue my relationship with Share, Santa Monica and my family.”

Visitation Medical Delegation
“I learned more about the country and people of El Salvador; their politics, beliefs, economic situation, and history. I have increased appreciation for the country and its peoples' needs. I plan to increase awareness for my family and friends. Remain up to date on issues central to El Salvador and its people.”

“A great experience – wonderful fellowship – a very close group relationship. Every time we come, we feel blessed and so respectful for those who have so little and yet are so joyful.”

“It is always a learning experience. Everyone we came into contact with taught us something that we will all carry back.”

“This is my ninth delegation. I continue to come because it grounds me in the greater world.”

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