Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Romero Justice Week 2011

Dear friends,

As February comes to a close and we enter into March, here at the SHARE Foundation we remind ourselves to pause, to fully appreciate the living, breathing legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero. We invite you to join us by planning an event or space to come together in solidarity with the Salvadoran people in celebration of Romero's life, his dedication to the poor and marginalized of El Salvador and the world, and his untiring denouncement of the structures of injustice and oppression. To offer ideas and materials for commemoration and reflection, we have created the Romero Week Packet, They Must Be Educated for Love; Romero's Legacy and the Right to Education. (click the link to download the packet)

On this 31st anniversary of Monseñor Romero's death, we have an opportunity to honor his legacy and recognize those that continue to walk in his footsteps. In honoring the incredible example of love and justice that he laid his life down for, we can celebrate Romero's life by raising awareness around one of the keys to creating sustainable development in El Salvador today: access to education. The Romero Week Packet includes information on Romero's legacy; the struggle to access quality education; examples of transformative education in El Salvador today, a sample spiritual service; quotes, prayers, reflections, discussion questions and ideas for action.

We would love to hear what kind of events you are planning in your area and how we can support you. If you have any questions or would like accompaniment in planning and carrying out your gathering, please contact me at bethany@share-elsalvador.org. Please distribute this packet as widely as possible to all those you think may be interested in learning about Romero, supporting transformative education in El Salvador, or planning an event or activity of their own.

With the organized poor of El Salvador, SHARE continues to seek sustainable alternatives and citizen empowerment to support the struggle against continued economic repression and political violence. We hope you will continue with us this year and for many years to come. “We must train children and youth to analyze the reality of their country. May we prepare them to be agents of transformation… They must be educated for love.”

Blessings y abrazos,

Bethany Loberg
Solidarity Accompaniment Coordinator

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