Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drew Theological Seminary in El Salvador

For the first few weeks of 2011, SHARE received a delegation from the Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, New Jersey. Nine students and two professors spent two weeks learning about communities express their faith here in El Salvador.  Listed below are some of their favorite quotes taken from the various individuals and groups we met with while they were here.

"We cannot do this without people in our community."
-Radio Victoria talking about continuing their work despite recieving death threats

"People are not looking for the American dream, they are fleeing the Central American nightmare."
-Dean Brackley S.J. about immigration

"We must keep fighting."
-Lupe, a women from San Ramon whose community is at high risk of mudslides from the San Salvador volcano

"I pray to God to open the doors for you and bless you everywhere you go because if he blesses you it is like blessing us."
-Women from the Emmanuel squatter community in Santa Ana

"Before we knew who the enemy was but now we don't have any idea of who the enemy is or where it is. That takes away our capacity to be united because we don't know who is with us and who is against us."
-Member of San Ramon base community talking about the difference between violence in the war and now

"No country or church can develop with ignorant or sick people."
-Anglican Bishop Martin Barahona

"The pastoral importance of availability is that we must be defenders of life."
-Member of San Ramon base community

"Attacking the environment is attacking humanity."
-Reporter from Radio Victory

"Another America is possible."
-Worker at ASIC in San Isidro, Cabañas

"How are we going to be community if we don't know what community is?"
-Head of Baptist Seminary in Santa Ana

"God's creation is reclaiming us to work for this justice."
-Lutheran Bishop Medardo Gomez

"The price of food communicates that we do not all have the right to eat."
-Member of San Ramon base community

"We are a church that dreams."
-Baptist minister Ruth de Orantes in Santa Ana

"The kingdom of God isn't something far off in the future, it is a way of living."
-Rick Jones, from Catholic Relief Services

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