Friday, January 14, 2011

If you can't get through, EMAIL the COMMERCE GROUP TODAY!

It seems the ICSID tribunal has asked for more time before deciding about whether the Commerce Group case will move forward.  The decision will be issued this month. That is why it's important to send a clear message demanding that the company to drop the suit. 

 If you can't get through on the phone, please send email to:


My name is _______________(if you are a Milwaukee or Wisconsin resident, say so up front!) and I have been following Commerce Group's lawsuit  against the government of El Salvador.

I am calling on Ed Machulak and the Board of Directors to respect the right of the government of El Salvador to protect the environment and the health of the people near the San Sebastian mine by immediately withdrawing your lawsuit against the government of El Salvador.

It is deplorable that the government of El Salvador is under attack for protecting the health and safety of its people.  
If anything, it is Commerce Group who should be paying for the toxic legacy that has been left behind

I will be telling my friends and neighbors about the damage you are causing, as well as calling on my Congressional Representatives to take action.

Thank you.

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