Thursday, December 2, 2010

Delegation Day 2: Ballet and La Pequena Comunidad

Delegates joined the Folkloric Ballet in dance
Yesterday delegates visited La Pequena Comunidad, a Christian Base Community  of women religious that has been active since the late 1970s. They have walked with poor and persecuted Salvadoran communities before, during and after the war. It was a busy day of bonding, reflection, and expression through song and dance.

Watching a performance of the Folkloric Ballet was a highlight for the group. Shirley Tung from Pax Christi summed up the ballet performance like this:  "I thought it was just a wonderful experience because I was able to share the spirit of the people that were dancing as well as all the people that were applauding for them. I have six left feet when it comes to dancing, but who cares. It was sharing in their happiness. "

Delegates held hands in solidarity reflecting as they
sang "Todavia Cantamos"(We Still Sing) 
In addition, the delegation spent time in small groups reflecting on topics of hope and faith. "Today was just an awesome day. I think the thing that impressed me most was I'm reminded that you have to walk through the darkness to reach the light and each day we may embrace darkness and yet, each day we also see the light in ourselves and in those we are in contact with, especially the poor. I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience this day. Blessings.," said Claudia Ward, RSM

More updates from todays events at the site where the 4 Churchwomen were killed will be up soon. For ideas of how to honor these women today visit our website for a celebration guide.

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