Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurricane Relief from the World Food Program

This report was written by SHARE employee Carmelina Urquia, on the work that SHARE did with the World Food Program to request and administer food relief for families affected by Hurricane Ida.

The SHARE Foundation, together with the support of the World Lutheran Federation, was able to administer food donated by the World Food Program and The Secretary for Social Inclusion, for families affected by Hurricane Ida.

On January 7, in the CRIPDES Sur La Libertad offices, food packets were handed out to three of those communities affected by the heavy rains caused by IDA.

Those communities were: the community 13 de enero where sixty families where given food packets, Chilama, where twenty-three families were given food packets, and Estero Mar where forty-seven families were given food packets. In total, one-hundred and twenty families benefitted from the hand-outs.

These food packets were given to the communities as part of the emergency response effort, a second packet will later be given to the same families with the same quantities of food. The orginial packet of food given out contained the following:

Corn: 99.21 pounds

Rice: 33.69 pounds

Beans: 16.53 pounds

Oil: 2 liters

The delivery was done in a orderly and satisfactory fashion for the benefitting families. For the SHARE Foundation, it has been a great achievement to be able to support the families most affected and with the most needs. By doing this we hope to best fulfill our objective as an organization.

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