Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women's Participation in Salvadoran Politics - Tim's Blog

On February 22, 2009, Tim's Blog posted the following analysis of the UCA's research on women's participation in politics in El Salvador:

"The sociology and political sciences department of the University of Central America has taken a look at the participation of women in the recently held elections for mayor and deputies to the National Assembly.

Of the 1147 persons running for mayor in municipalities across El Salvador, only 115 (11.5%) were women. A scant 29 of those women won their elections in the 262 municipalities in the country.

Of 427 persons nominated by political parties for the National Assembly, only 103 (24.1%) were women. The elections resulted in women being 16 of the 84 deputies.

The graphic below shows the relative percentages of men(green) and women (blue) as legislators and mayors after the elections:

As the article points out, 'the data demonstrate that there is no equality of conditions for the participation of women in politics and that inside the parties little has been done so that women can have realistic possiblities of being elected.' "

- Sara Skinner, US Grassroots Coordinator

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